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StickOS User's Guide

CPUStick User's Guide

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CPUStick™ and StickOS® -- Testimonies
What people are saying about StickOS on the Web and by e-mail:
  • “I am simply amazed by what you have done with StickOS Basic!  It is the perfect solution for so many Micro Problems!  That you have done this on your own time and make it available to hobbyist is incredibly kind of you!” – e-mail, James H., 25 Nov, 2011.
  • "I really LOVE StickOS. It’s by far the best robotic programming language. Beats C, PBASIC, Arduino, and RobotSee. Takes me back to the days of the Commodore PET and TRS80." -- e-mail, Brad S., 12 Sep, 2011.
  • "just love the stick os. so excellent. software at its best." -- e-mail, Skip B., 23 June, 2011.
  • "I’ve been looking for a solution as clean as StickOS for years! You’ve done a great job. I bought a couple of PIC32 from SparkFun to play with StickOS. It’s amazing how easy one can put into practice the crazy projects that were forgotten in the drawer… I’m looking forward for the I2C support to play with the Nintendo Wii remote." -- e-mail, Paulo L., 17 Aug, 2010.
  • "i have waited 30+ years for stickos. marvelous stuff!!  back in the old days, we did test instrumentation housed in an ibm-pc, virtual instrument screen, and gw-basic programming.  too simple, maybe.  i bought a parallax propeller board - the ntsc capability did it, i guess. 8-cores, perhaps, but the spin language - why?  i was thinking, why not just embed basic as an operating system - no mystery in telling ports how to behave.  i tripped over your videos - you could charm cobras. i bought two atria fr-jm-32 boards as a result." -- e-mail, James J., 25 Jul, 2010.
  • "I just received my CUI32 and I would like to say thank you so much for the superb StickOS! It is just great. I cannot remember having so much fun playing around since back then on my C64. And now BASIC on an embedded device -- amazing." -- e-mail, Markus G., 27 Apr, 2010.
  • "Works like a charm! I can access all my pins now. When I bought my Cerebot 32MX4, I realized once I plugged it in and started messing around that I was in way over my head. I had only played with Arduino and PicBasic on some Pic16f84's. Looking at the demo led flashing program example on MPlab had me perplexed and I had put the board away with a confused look on my face. StickOS has opened the door for me to explore all the possibilities and the power of the Pic32 as it is more easy for me to understand. ... This is clearly going to blow away anything I've done with my Arduino :D  StickOS ROCKS!!" -- e-mail, Mark H., 17 Mar, 2010.
  • "I was able get StickOS up and running super fast and had my first lines of code running in no time.  I am very impressed and wanted to thank you for writing the code! StickOS is awesome!" -- e-mail, 10 Feb, 2010.
  • "StickOS is a wonderful product and I am looking forward to working with it. It will be a great asset in the academic world. One of the charms of Arduino is the comparative ease of the development cycle, but I think you have raised the bar by supporting multiple targets and on-chip development." -- e-mail, 21 April, 2009.

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