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StickOS User's Guide

CPUStick User's Guide

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CPUStick™ and StickOS® -- Purchase!
You may purchase microcontrollers pre-loaded with StickOS from the following companies (which are unaffiliated with CPUStick.com, except in that they load StickOS onto their microcontrollers):

You may purchase a CUI32Stem PIC32MX Development Stick (with Microchip PIC32MX7-F512H) pre-loaded with StickOS BASIC from:

They also have an optional ZigFlea daughter card (pictured) for the CUI32Stem, for 2.4GHz wireless communication between MCUs!

You may purchase a Firebird32, Firebird32-nano, or Firebird32-mini (with Freescale MCF51JM128) pre-loaded with StickOS BASIC from:

See: Introduction to Firebird32

You may purchase a CUI32 PIC32MX Development Stick (with Microchip PIC32MX4-F512H) pre-loaded with StickOS BASIC from:

SparkFun Electronics

You may purchase an:
FR-QE-8 (with Freescale MC9S08QE128),
FR-QE-32 (with Freescale MCF51QE128),
FR-CN-32 (with Freescale MCF51CN128), or
FR-JM-32 (with Freescale MCF51JM128)
pre-loaded with StickOS BASIC from:

You may purchase an Adapt9S12DP512 Module or Adapt9S12DP512B BASIC Solderless Experimentor Package (with Freescale MC9S12DP512) pre-loaded with StickOS BASIC (aka soBASIC) from:

You can build a CPUStick (with Freescale MCF52252 and integrated Freescale MC13201 2.4GHz ZigFlea Wireless Transceiver) from:

CPUStick Schematic and BOM (.PDF)
CPUStick Gerber, Drill, and PickPlace Files (.ZIP)

Note that you need a Freescale development board and a QSPI connection to the new CPUStick to download StickOS bits initially, using the "clone" or "download" command as described here.

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