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StickOS User's Guide

CPUStick User's Guide

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Patent U.S. 8,117,587.


CPUStick™ and StickOS® -- Embedded Systems Made Easy

StickOS® BASIC is an entirely MCU-resident patented interactive programming environment, which includes an easy-to-use editor, transparent line-by-line compiler, interactive debugger, performance profiler, and flash filesystem, all running entirely within the MCU and controlled thru an interactive command-line user interface.  In StickOS, external MCU pins may be bound to “pin variables” for manipulation or examination, and internal MCU peripherals may be managed by BASIC control statements and interrupt handlers.  A StickOS-capable MCU may be connected to a host computer via a variety of transports and may then be controlled by any terminal emulator program, with no additional software or hardware required on the host computer.  Once program development is complete, the MCU may be configured to autorun its BASIC program autonomously.  For more advanced users, see how easily you can Get Intimate (and Interactive!) With Your MCU!
Additionally, when coupled with an optional Freescale MC13201 2.4GHz ZigFlea Wireless Transceiver, the MCU may be remotely controlled by another MCU, via a telnet/rlogin-like interface, eliminating the need for a direct connection to the host computer altogether. Also, BASIC programs may trivially remotely access variables on other MCUs, enabling the use of “remote pin variables” or other forms of inter-MCU communication.
On selected MCUs, the USB interface can optionally be configured into USB Host Mode, creating a trivial data logger to a USB flash drive.
CPUStick is a 1”x4” very low cost standalone USB embedded computer, pre-loaded with StickOS BASIC, based on the Freescale MCF52252 ColdFire MCU and MC13201 ZigFlea Wireless Transceiver, similar in size and form to a USB “memory stick” and suitable for use in soldered or solderless-breadboard applications.

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