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StickOS User's Guide

CPUStick User's Guide

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StickOS BASIC makes embedded systems technology and advanced microcontroller functionality quickly and easily accessible to Middle School, High School, and University students, hobbyists, and researchers, etc., with minimal investment of time, education, and money. Using StickOS BASIC, interfacing with digital circuitry, analog circuitry, serial circuitry (I2C, SPI, and UART), servo motors, and buzzers, etc., all become trivial single-line, single-minute tasks, so the user can concentrate on achieving the control task at hand, rather than the detailed mechanics of control.

"Our hope is to enable casual users to again become creators of technology, rather than simply consumers of it, by lowering the barrier to entry to useful microcontroller development.", says Rich Testardi, Director of Engineering of CPUStick.com.

See the CPUStick.com value proposition: Microcontrollers For Everyone!

If you have other MCUs you'd like us to port StickOS to, let us know that, too, as the code is easily portable to any MCU with 80k of flash and 8k of RAM, or more!

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